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Our Products 


All of our chickens are pastured raised and Non-GMO fed for the entirety of their lives .  This means that they will spend the majority of their lives in our fields.  We get our birds as day old chicks, shipped to us directly from the hatchery.  The first 14-21 of the chicks lives they are in the brooder.  At the 14-21 day mark we transition them out to the pasture.  Our birds are moved every single day for a multitude of reasons.  First and foremost, by moving them daily we are giving them access to fresh grass and bugs for them to eat.  Secondly, we are fertilizing our pastures with their droppings.  Our birds are mobile, active and are grown in a natural environment.  When it's time, we process all the here on the farm so our birds never leave the farm the entirety of their lives.


We raise heritage hogs. Our piglets are sourced from other local producers and we are selective on where we get our stock.  Our pigs spend about 9 months on the farm and also fed a completely Non-GMO ration.  All of our pigs are processed at a local USDA facility. 

Sunrise Farms Feed

As a Sunrise Farms Feed Distributor we can be your source for certified Non-GMO grains and mineral products. Contact the farm for ordering instructions and pricing.


Farm Stays and Events

In addition to farming, we also operate a wedding and event venue and a farm stay short term rental home on the farm.  If interested in having an event on the farm please contact us.  You can find our Airbnb listing here:  

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